Saturday, January 16, 2010

Relaxation Techniques For Panic Attacks - 3 Natural Ways of Getting Over Panic Attacks

One of the most effective ways of getting over panic attacks is natural techniques. Whenever possible, you should try your best to find alternatives to drugs and medication treatment. Drugs and medication are not the best solutions because they are not long-term cures; they only mask your panic and anxiety temporarily. What we need to do is get to the root cause, and treat the root cause of your panic.

There are many relaxation techniques for panic attacks that will reduce your panic and anxiety and the actual intensity of the attacks.

I will now share with you, 3 natural ways to getting over panic attacks:

1. Deep Breathing - This is one of the simplest and best things you can do for not only your panic disorder, but for your overall well-being and health. For a few minutes each day, lie down in a comfortable spot, and take deep slow breaths in through your nose, all the way to the stomach, then exhale slowly. Breathing this way gives your body the maximum amount of oxygen possible, and it will revitalize the body and relax you. Practice this daily, and then you can do this technique if a panic attacks should strike.

2. Meditation - This leads nicely on from deep breathing. By sitting quietly, eyes closed for 5 minutes daily, relaxed and focussed on your breathing, you will be able to take your focus away from panic and anxiety. This will take practice, but stick with it because if you ever experience an attacks coming along, you will find it easier with your breathing and ability to shift your thoughts away from the attack, reducing its intensity by a huge margin.

3. Visualization - This again leads nicely on from meditation. While you meditate, try to picture a pleasant memory, or a pleasant future even you would like to experience. This will get you into a positive state of mind, and then, every time a panic attack may occur, you just need to remember this picture. This alone will put you if a very positive state of mind, thus reducing the chances and intensity of panic disorder.

You can use each of these techniques individually, or pick which one resonates with you best. For best results, start on the deep breathing, slowly integrate meditation, and then introduce visualization. If you do this daily, not only will you be improving your health, you will be reducing the chances of a panic attack striking, and even if one does strike, you will have the tools to stop it there and then.

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